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Acamar's services put you in control so you can effectively and holistically define your business' vision, streamline operations, and meet financial targets with real-time insights and management tools.

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Acamar is a full service firm — our focus is to ensure your company has a sturdy foundation to meet your business goals — from data & process governance to business insights. Based on your unique needs, our dedicated team provides a tailored approach to help drive your company's success.
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You have your data, you’ve run your analyses, and you’re ready to share your story. Now what? Visualize the insights you’ve created in a concise, “narrative” that highlights the past, present, and future of your journey—this is our bread and butter.
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Defining the future during your company’s business planning efforts can be a challenge. Machine learning and other advanced AI resources are being used broadly on many basic business activities, but how can it be leveraged for your specific, unique business goals? Effective, real-time analysis of trends can be the difference between a hot upcoming quarter and explaining a dip in revenue to your CEO or Board.
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This is where the rubber meets the road. Acamar has the ability to navigate through all the data, model it, and centralize it in a planning tool so you and your team better understand where you are today and where you can take action to meet your company’s operational goals.  
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The importance of keeping track of how your company is managing its resources cannot be overstated. Whether it’s inventory, personnel, tech, or financials, a strong resource planning system (the team and the software) built on excellent data and process governance is absolutely vital to meeting your company’s short- and long-term goals.
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Good in, good out. That’s the simplest way of describing the importance of governance. By starting off with optimal processes and data controls, your company can achieve speed-to-value and improved returns on your transformation investments. Acamar ensures your foundational data and processes are great so your company can focus on what you do best.
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FP&A: Senior Living's Financial Pilates - Strengthening Agility, Ease, and Simplicity

FP&A: Senior Living's Financial Pilates - Strengthening Agility, Ease, and Simplicity

Nov 09 12PM PT


Sr Living Care Providers and Health Care Practices in today’s ever-changing environment face difficulties planning for tomorrow when just trying to keep up with today. Adopting a modern technology foundation builds a culture of collaboration that engages all stakeholders with improved insights, streamlined processes and better scenario planning. Prophix is the Financial Performance Management solution of choice when it comes to integrated financial planning and consolidation. Join this webinar to see how Prophix puts your data to work for instant visibility and insight.Give your team the analysis they need and be ready to react when, not if, disruption happens.

Join us for a live webinar as we discuss:

  • Understand how consolidating various data sources improves accuracy and saves time on mundane tasks to allow more time for strategic analysis
  • Learn how to build financial models to support evolving business needs
  • Discover how to streamline the budgeting process to drive collaboration and accountability and provide near real-time visibility for improved cost control
  • Explore how to mitigate risk via powerful dashboards and reports, along with what-if scenario planning to quickly see how decisions will impact outcomes