A robust Enterprise Resource Planning system can help you:


Centralize your operational data in one standardized solution


Automate and streamline your business practices


Get a clear, current picture of your business operations


Save time and money


Scale your business operations

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Acamar is a proud partner with Acumatica, a leader in cloud-based ERP systems. This partnership allows us to leverage their high-quality financial and resource management system with our strategic outlook to guide your company to more efficient and effective operations.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the workhorse of any business. From tracking sales pipelines, fulfilling orders and paying vendors, to managing inventory, processing payroll, and ensuring all of these activities are properly recorded in your general ledger, ERPs provide a single tool to keep your business on track.

Before trying to predict the future, you'll need to collect quality data, quickly and efficiently, that reflects your performance to date. If your ERP is letting you down, Acamar is ready to help.

Why Acumatica?

Honest and ethical with a published Customer Bill of Rights

Highly customizable and uses non-proprietary technologies to integrate with your other systems

Born in the cloud — a future-proofed platform that won’t become obsolete as your business changes

Employs robust modern security that always protects your data

Unlimited, growth friendly and scalable licensing with no per-user cost

Standardized user interface with cross-module workflows to keep your data in sync

Dedicated to keeping you current with free training through Acumatica Open University

Supported by Acamar and Acumatica

Contact us to learn more about how Acumatica can solve your ERP challenges.

Acumatica was built with users and business needs at the forefront. The breadth of features, easy to use interface, customization, and connectivity eases the switch from your current solution, tailor it to your needs, and quickly realize the value of your Acumatica investment. Learn more about Acumatica's ERP.


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Acumatica Overview
Acumatica Overview
Acumatica Business Intelligence
Acumatica Business Intelligence
Acumatica Rapid Integrations
Acumatica Rapid Integrations
Acumatica Superior Usability
Acumatica Superior Usability
Quote-to-Cash with Acumatica
Quote-to-Cash with Acumatica

Having difficulty tracking inventory or streamlining warehouse operations? Acumatica's Distribution Edition is purpose built to to help you optimize your quote-to-cash cycle.

Acumatica Distribution Overview
Acumatica Distribution Overview
Distribution Warehouse Management and Modern ERP in One Solution
Distribution, Warehouse Management and Acumatica
Acumatica Warehouse Management System
Acumatica Warehouse Management System
Acumatica Distribution Capabilities
Acumatica Distribution Capabilities
Measure Your Distribution Performance with KPIs from Acumatica
Measure Distribution Performance with Acumatica KPIs

Non-Profits often have unique financial challenges ensuring that donor funds and grants are used for their intended purpose. Acumatica allows software partners to develop purpose-built applications to further hone the core ERP features. Learn more about how Acumatica supports non-profits.

NonProfit+ Overview
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