Great Corporate Performance Management helps you:


Align your company’s strategy and business plans with budgetary realities


Hold leaders accountable for their financial performance


Manage revenues and control costs to keep stakeholders happy


Plan for the unknown (and unexpected) through scenario modelling


Stay future proof—with confidence

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Prophix is a leader in mid-market cloud-based FP&A systems and Acamar is proud to be an official Prophix implementer.

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) systems act like a crystal ball for the C-Suite. They offer a centralized platform for comprehensive budgeting, forecasting, and performance analysis, providing a real-time overview of the organization's financial health. Foster a more efficient and accurate financial planning process by streamlining data collection, automating repetitive tasks, and facilitating collaboration amongst departments.

With the ability to generate detailed reports and insights, CPM tools empower businesses to adapt quickly to market changes, identify growth opportunities, and optimize resource allocation, ultimately contributing to sustained profitability and competitive advantage.

Why Prophix?

Seamless connectivity with your existing systems

Visually compelling and easily navigable snapshots of key financial reports and operational metrics

Built for the cloud - always available, always up to date, and highly flexible and scalable

Harness the full potential of Microsoft's productivity suite with Excel and PowerBI integrations

Workflow and automation capabilities streamline the budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes

Continuous innovation - including advancements in AI and machine learning

Employs robust measures to safeguard sensitive financial information

User-friendly and intuitive interface

No need to hire a technical team - Acamar and Prophix are on-call to provide ongoing support

Contact us to learn more about how Prophix can solve your FP&A challenges.

Elevate your financial planning and analysis (FP&A) capabilities with a cutting-edge solution that transforms the way you manage your finances. With Prophix, say goodbye to manual, error-prone processes. Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving financial landscape, where innovation meets efficiency, and strategic financial planning becomes a seamless journey. Learn more about Prophix.


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Prophix brings unparalleled FP&A capabilities to the senior living sector, addressing the unique challenges in this dynamic industry. Drive revenue forecasts by planning Percentage of Occupancy or ADC to maintain average monthly revenue per resident, right-size your staffing costs while maintaining HPPD, and time your capital investments.

Prophix for Senior Living is a catalyst for success, ensuring that organizations can navigate financial complexities with confidence and focus on providing the best possible care for their residents.

Prophix for Senior Living
Presbyterian Senior Care
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Prophix for Senior Living
Prophix for Senior Living
Mission Health Success Story
Senior Living Group Success Story

FP&A serves as a cornerstone for non-profits, offering a multifaceted value proposition crucial for their success.

By optimizing resource allocation, ensuring financial stability, and facilitating strategic decision-making, FP&A enables non-profits to fulfill their missions effectively. Grant management, risk mitigation, and impact measurement further enhance organizational resilience and transparency. Compliance with regulations, long-term planning, and stakeholder communication are integral components that solidify the value of FP&A, fostering accountability and sustainability.

In essence, FP&A empowers non-profits with the financial tools and insights necessary to navigate challenges, maximize impact, and achieve long-term success in advancing their philanthropic goals.

Prophix & Acumatica at CAP Tulsa
Feeding America Story
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How NFPs can reach their social purpose goals

Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting

Creating a budget and adjusting periodically is no longer sufficient. Agile management, performance targets, and visibility to outcomes enable leadership to course-correct and stay focused on achieving their goals

Planning system benefits

Acamar Consulting has years of experience setting-up and running planning and analytics systems. We can help you:

  • Design a planning process that balances the level of insights needed with the effort to create it
  • Model the business using existing financial, organizational, and hierarchical information
  • Perform a software selection analysis
  • Implement a planning solution to centralize the data, automate budgeting & forecasting, and create actionable reporting / dashboarding
  • Communicate changes and train users
  • Provide on-going technical and user support after launch
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Planning Requirements

Design a planning process that balances the level of insights needed with the effort to create it.

  • Driver vs Non-Driver Models
  • Rolling vs Fiscal Year Hoizons
  • Zero-Based vs Traditional Methods
  • Forecast Frequency
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Financial Modelling

Model the business using existing financial, organizational, and hierarchical information.

  • Dimension & Hierarchy Selection
  • Mapping to the GL & Operationsal Systems
  • Consolidation to the Financial Statements
Computer screen with code.

Planning Systems

Excel only takes you so far... level-up with a planning system to centralize the data and automate budgeting & forecasting.

  • Tool Selection
  • Model Development
  • Integration with the GL / Data Warehouse
  • Change Management / User Training
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