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Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting... aren't they all the same?

Creating a budget and adjusting periodically is no longer sufficient. Agile management, performance targets, and visibility to outcomes enable leadership to course-correct during the perpetual planning process.

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Planning Requirements

Design a planning process that balances the level of insights needed with the effort to create it.

  • Driver vs Non-Driver Models
  • Rolling vs Fiscal Year Hoizons
  • Zero-Based vs Traditional Methods
  • Forecast Frequency
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Financial Modelling

Model the business using existing financial, organizational, and hierarchical information.

  • Dimension & Hierarchy Selection
  • Mapping to the GL & Operationsal Systems
  • Consolidation to the Financial Statements
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Planning Systems

Excel only takes you so far... level-up with a planning system to centralize the data and automate budgeting & forecasting.

  • Tool Selection
  • Model Development
  • Integration with the GL / Data Warehouse
  • Change Management / User Training

Acamar Consulting will help you plan your long-term business financial objectives, giving you a blueprint to build for the future.

The budgeting process brings the long-term plan to life - setting targets for expected revenue, operating expenses, cash flow, and debt, while also guiding you on how to reinvest in your business for growth.

Forecasting considers your actual financial performance to date and current business environment to predict the P&L and cash flow over the next few months or quarters. To go one step further, Acamar Consulting can also help you with financial projections should you want to take your company in a different direction, explore acquisitions or partnerships.

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A robust financial planning process offers a wealth of benefits

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Visibility to cash flow, P&L projections and market conditions to inform strategic decisions

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Stay forward-looking to enable agility and respond to increased competition

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Give investors and lenders confidence that you proactively manage financial outcomes and plan ahead

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Control your operating costs with better data to leverage your strengths and address your weaknesses

Planning system benefits

Acamar Consulting is an official Prophix partner

Acamar Consulting has years of experience setting-up and running planning systems. We recommend Prophix for small to medium-sized businesses for several reasons:

  • Comparatively less expensive than systems from IBM, Oracle, and SAP
  • Cloud-based accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Industry-leading security practices keep your data safe
  • Integration capabilities with multiple accounting systems
  • Robust web-based reporting

Regardless of which system you select for your business, Acamar Consulting is always available to support you from implementation to sustainment.