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Don't enshrine bad processes in your systems...

Pivoting towards the future is the perfect time to re-evaluate why your business does things the way they are done. Technology alone rarely delivers on the value case.

Enable sustained efficiencies with technology by optimising people and processes first.

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Processes are messy, often a holdover from old ways of doing things, and daunting to document. Yet they link people and technology and drive the business. Process optimisation is a quick way to unlock hidden value.

  • Process Inventory
  • Gap Analysis
  • Value-Add Analysis
  • Inputs / Outputs Map
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Data is an asset. Managing its creation, movement, relevance, and usage requires dedication at all levels of the organization. With the right process and technologies, the business not only empowers its own analytics but it can become a revenue generator.

  • Financial Governance (controlling the CoA, Financial Statement line items, financial hierarchies)
  • Data Governance (operating model, data domains, data dictionary, business glossary, consumption)

Operating Model

A robust operating model defines how stakeholders interact with one another to develop and enforce process standards.

  • Linked to strategic priorities
  • Stakeholders are engaged in the governance process and stay informed
  • Clearly defined roles and reposibilities
  • Escalation channels to resolve conflict
  • Fosters stakeholder accountability
Governance operating model

Process Playbook

The process playbook is the central document that contains all information about governed processes.

  • Processes are fully documented in a central controlled and governaned repository
  • Change management is documented as a process
  • Accelerate employee onboarding / training
  • Less vulnerable to knowledge loss
  • Processes are core to business operartions and value-add
  • Continuous review presents opportunities for automation and further optimisation
Process playbook